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【4565】そーせいG 450 【個人投資家説明会(名古屋・大阪):6/25、株式分割:6/30】
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Granta Park:
※Site 5 Granta Park Cambridge, Design & Access Statement September 2016: Client: Heptares. (2016/9/26)
・Heptares currently occupy accommodation in BioPark, Hertfordshire but their lease is shortly to expire and the company wish to re-locate to Granta Park, Cambridge and take the opportunity
to improve their research and operational facilities within the re-modelled Flowers Building (Site 5 Building).
・The Flowers Building is currently occupied by Gilead who will be moving in mid 2017 into their new purpose built facility on the adjacent Site 6, designed by Aukett Swanke.
※Site 5 Granta Park Cambridge, Full Planning: Planning Applications. (Registration Date: 2016/10/19 - Decision Date: 2017/2/7)
※Cambridge Enjoys Strong Office Take-Up: Deals of this nature include Heptares taking 30,000 sq ft at Granta Park. (2016/12/20)
※Aukett Swanke Group Final Results: " The £20m Biomed Realty building at Granta Park pre let to Heptares and a further phase on the iconic Adelphi building off the Strand." (2017/1/12)

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※Heptares: Heptares Plans Relocation to Cambridge, UK. Company to create a state-of-art R&D facility on Granta Park to support growth strategy. (2017/6/20)
※Business Weekly Cambridge: Japanese owned biotech joins march into Cambridge cluster. (2017/6/20)
・Owned by Sosei Corporation, Heptares is creating a state-of-the-art R & D facility at Granta Park to support an international growth strategy.
・It will be extensively remodelling the facility being vacated by US company Gilead Sciences Inc which is expanding into a new £28 million research hub at Granta.
・Its relocation to Granta Park from the BioPark in Welwyn also caps a brilliant couple of years for BioMed Realty, Granta’s US owner and developer, following multimillion investment in flagship facilities announced by Illumina and Gilead.
※SOSEI:Heptares、研究施設を英国ケンブリッジへ移転することを発表。更なる成長戦略の推進にむけて、Granta Parkに最先端研究開発施設を開設。The Steinmetz Buildingと呼ばれる予定。2018 年後半をめどに新拠点へ移転します。(2017/6/20)
※Heptares: The company is currently based in Welwyn Garden City and will be relocating to the Cambridge area in "July 2018". It has approximately 100 employees. (2017/9/6up)

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※"Steinmetz Granta Park Cambridge, Design and Access, Statement October 2017". (Issue Date: 2017/10/21)
The recent advances in electron microscopy of individual proteins have helped put Heptares at the top position as a world leaders in structure-based drug discovery.
Therefore, to maintain their position direct access to a state of the art electron microscopy facility is essential.
Currently they have to transport the crystals of protein to Oxford for testing, however an inhouse facility is vital for Heptares’ future growth and success.
Due to the size of the electron microscopes, it prevents the facility being housed within the existing Steinmetz building, consequently a new extended facility is required.
Existing external enclosures to the north is to be re modified and incorporated within the extension.
※Site 5 (Steinmetz Buillding), Granta Park, GREAT ABINGTON, CB21 6GP: Electron Microscope extension to research and development building as approved. (Registration Date: 2017/10/31, Decision Date: 2018/1/15)

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※Business Weekly Cambridge: "Rapidly Advance Drug Discovery. Heptares is set to relocate to a new 35,000 sq ft facility at Granta Park, Cambridge in-mid 2018 by which time local headcount should be up to 130." (1/16)
※Heptares: Approximately 100 Employees. →Changed to "Heptares has approximately 130 employees who will all be based in this new research facility". (2/5update)
※Aukett Swanke Annual Report: BioMed Realty, Granta Park: Following our initial option studies the client engaged in tenancy negotiations with Heptares improve their laboratory and technical research facilities. will be completed in July 2018. (3/1)
※Business Weekly Cambridge: Granta Park’s owner BioMed Realty: "The next move for Granta Park will be to welcome life science company Heptares in the summer". (3/2)
※Metrion Biosciences (Granta Park): Announced it has appointed "Dr Barry Kenny (Non-Executive Director.)" to its Board of Directors. "Dr Kenny is Chief Business Officer of Heptares, now part of Sosei Group." (3/5)
※Heptares Zurich: By mid-2018, we are seeking for our site in Schlieren/Zurich (Switzerland) an enthusiastic and motivated laboratory technician (70-100%). (3/15up)
※Heptares Zurich: Protein Biochemistry Group, Grow the team from currently 2 FTEs to 5 FTEs by 2020. Close interaction with protein biochemistry group in the UK. (4/3up)
※Labiotech.eu: The 10 Biotech Companies in London to Keep an Eye on in 2018. "Golden Triangle”: London, Oxford and Cambridge. Worth keeping an eye on. "Heptares". (4/16)
※GOV.UK [Notice]: "CB21 6GT, Heptares Therapeutics Limited (Steinmetz Building, Granta Park: Radioactive substances activity) environmental permit application advertisement." (4/5)

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※Heptares: We are seeking to appoint "Logistics Assistant", working in our expanding Operations team, with an opportunity to contribute to the setting up of our exciting new facility in Cambridge. (5/20 Closed)
※Heptares: We now seek to recruit a analytical chemist to join the analytical and compound purification team within our medicinal chemistry department. "Analytical/Seperation Scientist". (5/24 Closed)
※Heptares: "Senior Scientist - Molecular Pharmacology": Strengthen and expand its capabilities in the immunology/inflammation therapeutic areas, now seek to recruit a laboratory-based in vitro pharmacologist to join our Molecular Pharmacology team. (6/21 Closed)
※Heptares: "Scientist/Research Scientist - Molecular Pharmacology": Strengthen and expand Molecular Pharmacology team and, now seeking to recruit laboratory-based in vitro pharmacologists. (6/21 Closed)
※Heptares: "Receptionists - Jobshare (25 hours per week)": We are now seeking to recruit two highly motivated part-time receptionists to join the Operations team. (7/6 Cosing)
The company is currently based in Welwyn Garden City but will be moving to a brand-new research facility at Granta Park (Cambridge) in July 2018.
Heptares has been operating for over ten years and has approximately 130 employees who will all be based in this new research facility.
The size of the company ensures a transparent linkage between all activities from early discovery through to clinical development.

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MiNA Therapeutics:
※Oncogene: "Gene activation of CEBPA using saRNA: preclinical studies of the first in human saRNA drug candidate for liver cancer" (3/7)
※MiNA Therapeutics: Small Step Up (Move) to 1st Floor at the Translation & Innovation Hub (Imperial College London White City Campus). (3/8)
※MiNA Therapeutics: Announces Publication of Pre-Clinical Data Supporting Therapeutic Potential of Clinical Candidate MTL-CEBPA in Liver Cancer and Liver Disease. (3/9)
・Data Published in Oncogene Demonstrate Improvement of Liver Function and Increased Survival in Multiple Disease Models.
※米国特許(MiNA):Albumin production and cell proliferation. (4/17公開)
※米国特許出願(MiNA): Methods of Inducing Insulin Production. (4/26公開)
※SOSEI:2018年3月期決算説明会:「戦略プランを着実に実行し2017年度は著しい進捗を達成」。MiNA Therapeuticsにおける開発は順調に進行。(5/10)
※TIDES: Oligonucleotide and Peptide Therapeutics 2018: "RNA Activation in NASH, Liver Failure and Hepatocellular Carcinoma": Nagy Habib, MiNA Therapeutics. (5/10 Presented)
※MiNA Therapeutics to Present Initial Results from First-in-Human MTL-CEBPA Study at the 2018 ASCO Annual Meeting. MiNA will Announce the Results Through a Press Release Following the Presentation. (5/16)

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※ASGCT: "Short Activating RNAs. MTL-CEBPa has a Broad Range of Liver Disease Models and Encouraging Early Clinical Data in a Phase 1 Trial in HCC": Nagy Habib, MiNA Therapeutics. (5/18 Presented)
※SOSEI Presentation: "Sosei Group Corporation, UBS Global Healthcare Conference": Global operations and aspirations - aiming to build Japan’s first global biotech champion: Drive Global Growth Strategy. (5/21Presented, 5/22up)
・Strategic investment in saRNA technology, Exclusive option to move from 25.6% to 100% ownership at pre-determined economics: MiNA Therapeutics.
・Strategic investment in saRNA therapeutics with lead candidate in Phase 1/2a for liver cancer, an orphan indication: MiNA Therapeutics.
※ASCO 2018: "Preliminary results of a first-in-human, first-in-class phase I study of MTL-CEBPA, a small activating RNA targeting the transcription factor C/EBP-α in patients with advanced liver cancer": MiNA Therapeutics. (6/4 Presented)
※MiNA Therapeutics Presents Initial Results from First-in-Human MTL-CEBPA Study in Advanced Liver Cancer Patients. First look at saRNA therapeutics in patients - Initial results from Phase 1 study of MTL-CEBPA in patients with liver cancer presented. (6/4)
※Robert Habib: A very promising start for saRNA medicines in patients! Looking forward to future development of MTL-CEBPA drug candidate. Dr Sarker from GSTTnhs presenting initial clinical results of MTL-CEBPA today at ASCO 2018. (6/4)
※SOSEI:MiNA Therapeuticsが進行肝がん患者を対象とするMTL-CEBPAの初めてのヒト試験の初期結果を発表:正常肝機能および肝機能障害のある患者において良好な忍容性がみられた。血液検体の解析によりRNA活性機序を実証。薬効標的への作用を確認。(6/5)
※Heptares_HP: Download Corporate Presentation: "2018.06.08 Corporate Presentation (Sosei Group Corporation Corporate Presentation June 2018)". (6/8up)
※Robert Habib: "Benchling" growing (Today, Announce our Series B funding.). We are happy customers. MiNA Therapeutics. (6/15)
※EHA: "MTL-CEBPA, a Small Activating RNA for Intravenous Administration to Enhance C/EBPΑ Expression in Patients with Liver Cancer Shows Potential Use in Neutropenia": Choon Ping Tan, MiNA Therapeutics. (6/16 Presented)

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※City of Hope: Researchers Use Nanoparticles to Test Treatment for Liver Disease. (6/25)
・Promising Results: In the study, saRNAs aimed at upregulating CEBPA were encapsulated in SMARTICLES nanoparticles to deliver a treatment called MTL-CEBPA in multiple liver disease models.
・This represents the first development candidate to emerge from an RNA activation platform pioneered by MiNA Therapeutics, a biotechnology company for which Rossi is a co-founder and member of the scientific advisory board.
・In a model of advanced liver cirrhosis, MTL-CEBPA significantly reversed liver fibrosis and liver dysfunction, enhancing survival.
・MTL-CEBPA also reversed the buildup of fat in a model of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, improved liver function and reduced tumor size in a model of primary liver cancer.
・According to Rossi, research into the precise mechanism of action in CEBPA is currently under investigation in his laboratory.
・In addition to Rossi and Habib, additional researchers from Imperial College London, Queen Mary University of London, National Taiwan University, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, the Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens,
・MiNA Therapeutics and BioTD Strategies LLC collaborated on the work.
※MiNA Therapeutics_HP: Renewal. "Development Programs" update. http://minatx.com/ (7/3up) 
※MiNA Therapeutics: Exited to launch our new website. Head minatx.com to learn more about small activating RNA medicines. (7/6)

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Heptares will move to a New Research Facility (Steinmetz Building) at Cambridge (Granta Park) in July 2018.
※SOSEI定時株主総会事業報告:「当社事業の飛躍的な拡大」:COPDフランチャイズ売上は順調推移・複数の共同開発プログラム保有・自社PLの迅速な拡充。日本から世界へ:新たなグローバルブランドへ統一:2018年内に運用開始。(6/22) (個人投資家説明会6/25)
※City of Hope: Researchers Use Nanoparticles to Test Treatment for Liver Disease. Promising Results: Promising Results: In the study, saRNAs were encapsulated in SMARTICLES nanoparticles to deliver a treatment called MTL-CEBPA in multiple liver disease models. (6/25)
※Pluristem: and Fukushima University Report Positive Data: PLX-R18 Increases Survival Rates and Mitigates Severe Intestinal Damage after Acute Radiation Exposure. Plan to present these findings at the World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology at Kyoto. (6/25)
※Pluristem: A Glimpse from the Media: The Times of Israel: Study shows placenta treatment effective against radiation sickness. Haifa-based Pluristem has been working with researchers in Fukushima, the site of nuclear meltdowns in 2011, to treat acute radiation syndrome. (6/27up)

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※欧州特許(Heptares):Bicyclic AZA Compounds as Muscarinic M1 Receptor Agonists. (6/27公開)
※米国特許出願(Heptares):Bicyclic AZA Compounds as Muscarinic M1 Receptor and/or M4 Receptor Agonists. (6/28公開)
※Adrenoreceptors 2018 (静岡県), Receptor Structure Changes the Pharmacology Paradigm: "Structural insight driving commercial drug discovery": Rob Cooke, Heptares. (6/28 Presented)
※LSX CEO Forum: Case Studies and Peer Review: "Sosei - AZ immune-oncology collaboration" - Malcolm Weir, Chief R&D officer, Sosei (CEO Heptares) (Invited). (6/28 Presented)
※Live Interactive Webinar (Supported by Novartis): "Spotlight on latest evidence for dual bronchodilation and triple therapy in COPD": Wisia Wedzicha - NHLI, Imperial College. "Spotlight on where and when to avoid ICS in clinical practice": Kai Beeh - Germany. (6/28,29)
※Trial Profile: A randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled, dose ranging study to assess the safety, tolerability, and efficacy of HTL0018318 in patients with dementia with Lewy bodies: JapicCTI-183989(ja):(予定試験期間:2018/6/1〜2020/7/31、被験者募集状況:募集前、日本). (6/28update)
※医薬品原料国際展in-Pharma Japan (JITSUBO出展6/27~6/29)・技術セミナーも開催「新規ペプチド原薬製造法の開発」:液相、固相合成法に続く第3世代のペプチド合成技術Molecular Hivingの創薬研究および原薬製造への適用と、更なる進化への取り組み紹介。(6/29)
※ClinicalTrials(NCT03381274): Phase 1b/2, Oleclumab (MEDI9447) EGFRm NSCLC Novel Combination Study. Research Site Status Change: Korea Seoul (03080): Not yet Recruiting→"Recruiting" (6/29update)
※Nathan Robertson: The 11 years at Heptares have been the most exciting, scientifically enriching and rewarding years I have had. Thank you to all the wonderful and highly talented scientists at Heptares, you will be missed. (6/29)
※Labiotech.eu: "13 Biotech Leaders You Should Know in the UK’s Golden Triangle": "Malcolm Weir, Founder & CEO, Heptares", Very successful Biotech based bit outside of London and active in the space of GPCRs. (7/2)

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※Department of Biochemistry at the University of Oxford: "2018 Sosei Heptares Prize for Biophysics to be awarded to Prof Elspeth Garman". (7/2)
・The recipient of the 2018 Sosei Heptares Prize for Biophysics has been announced as Professor Elspeth Garman, Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford.
・Elspeth is being awarded the prize for her outstanding contributions to our understanding of radiation damage, which has contributed to the improvement of X-ray crystallography and structural biology.
・The Prize will be presented to Professor Garman after her Prize Lecture at the British Biophysical Society Biennial Meeting at University of Southampton (11-13th July).
※World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, Kyoto: "PLX-R18- Placenta-derived Mesenchymal-like Stromal Cells are efficacious in reducing lethality in Gastrointestinal Acute Radiation Syndrome (GI-ARS) Mouse Model": Yoshiyuki Soeda, Fukushima Medical University (Pluristem). (7/3 Presented)
※アイフィス株予報:米系大手証券(シティG)、そーせいのレーティング強気(買い(1))継続。目標株価4,500円(6/27)→1,900円。目標株価コンセンサスは3,342円。(7/5 16:05)
※Reuters:SOSEI 2019-2022業績予想コンセンサス。(5/11→5/20→5/24→6/19→6/20→6/28→6/29→7/3→7/4→7/5update)
※World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (WCP2018) Kyoto: "Biased apelin receptor agonists for cardiovascular disease" :Anthony P. Davenport, University of Cambridge, UK, (Heptares ORBIT Projects). (7/6 Presented)
※SOSEI (適時開示):そーせいグループ株式会社 コーポレート・ガバナンス (最終更新日:2018年7月6日) https://assets.minkabu.jp/news/article_media_content/urn:newsml:tdnet.info:20180627471995/140120180627471995.pdf (7/6 17:47)

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※日本核酸医薬学会第4回年会 博多: MiNA Therapeutics. (7/9-7/11)
※Early Career Scientist Forum on GPCR Signal Transduction (ECSF-GPCR): Ali Jazayeri, Heptares. (7/11-14)
※British Biophysical Society (BBS) Biennial Meeting: Sosei Heptares Prize for Biophysics: "X-rays in, X-rays out, structure-function not in doubt ": Elspeth Garman, University of Oxford. (7/12 16.30 Awards Lecture)
※Novartis Q2 2018 Results: (7/18)
※AstraZeneca H1 and Q2 2018 Results: (7/26)
※Allergan Q2 2018 Results: (7/26)
※大日本住友製薬2019年3月期 第1四半期決算発表:(7/27)
※Medicinal Chemistry GRC: "Novel Adenosine 2A Receptor Antagonist AZD4635: From the Brain to the Tumor Microenvironment": Michelle Lamb, AstraZeneca USA. (8/6 9:45)
※ACS National Meeting - GPCR Symposium: "SBDD for GPCRs & Other Difficult Targets": Session Organizers, Presiders (8/21 13:30); "Navigating structural GPCR-ligand interaction space for crafted computer-aided drug design": Chris de Graaf, Heptares. (8/21 14:50)
※EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry: Chris de Graaf, Heptares. (9/2-6)

17山師さん@トレード中 (ワッチョイ 6d37-EHd9 [ [上級国民]])2018/07/06(金) 19:11:51.84ID:6uV4ozuP0
※EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry: Breakthroughs in Polypharmacology Towards Neurological Disorders(ACS Session): "In silico Polypolpharmacology": Giovanni Bottegoni, Heptares. (9/4 14:50)
※Annual CCPBioSim Meeting: Molecular Simulations in Drug Discovery and Development: (Invited Speakers): Chris de Graaf, Heptares. (9/5-7)
※SCI/RSC Symposium on GPCRs in Medicinal Chemistry: "Keynote: Application of structure-based drug design to peptidergic GPCRs": Miles Congreve, Heptares. (9/10 14:50)
※SCI/RSC Symposium on GPCRs in Medicinal Chemistry: "Mining structural GPCR-ligand interaction maps to navigate medicinal chemistry space": Chris de Graaf, Heptares.(9/11 10:20).
※SCI/RSC Symposium on GPCRs in Medicinal Chemistry: "Keynote: Shedding light on G protein bias: structures of GPCRs coupled to G proteins determined by cryo-EM and X-ray crystallography": Chris Tate, MRC LMB. (9/12 9:30)
※European Symposium on Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships (EuroQSAR) 2018: Jon Mason, Heptares. (9/16-20)
※千里ライフサイエンスセミナー「アルツハイマー病研究の最前線」:「アルツハイマー病の治療戦略に対する洞察:対症療法や他の認知症性疾患の臨床試験をモデルとして」Heptares寄附講座教授 森悦郎 (9/19 14:10)
※OTS(Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society) Annual Meeting 2018, Seattle, WA, USA: MiNA Therapeutics. (9/30-10/3)
※AASLD Liver Meeting 2018, San Francisco: MiNA Therapeutics. (11/9-13)

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19山師さん@トレード中 (ワッチョイ 6d37-EHd9 [ [上級国民]])2018/07/06(金) 21:00:27.93ID:6uV4ozuP0
※大阪大学で認知症医療イニシアティブが始動!ヘプタレス社 寄附講座(10/1)設置。(2017/10/17)
・記者発表(2017/10/16):安井忠良(株式会社そーせい 代表取締役社長)、森悦朗(大阪大学 学院連合小児発達学研究科 行動神経学・神経精神医学 附講座教授)、池田学(大学院医学系研究科 神医学 教授)。
・2017年10月1日に大阪大学大学院連合小児発達学研究科に行動神経学・神経精神医学 寄附講座を設置いたしました。

※第36回日本認知症学会学術集会:2017年11月24日-26日 第36回日本認知症学会学術集会にて当教室の先生方が発表されました。(2017/11/24)

※大阪大学大学院連合小児発達学研究科 行動神経学・神経精神医学(Heptares)寄附講座:2018年4月より新しいスタッフが入られました。鈴木由希子(寄附講座助教:医師)・渡部宏幸(特任研究員:言語聴覚士)。(4/13up)

※感覚器研究イニシアチブ・シンポジウム:「幻視の発現機構」森悦朗:大阪大学大学院連合小児発達学研究科 行動神経学・神経精神医学(Heptares)寄附講座教授。(4/15)

※大阪大学大学院医学系研究科 精神医学教室:2018年7月1日「認知症プレシジョン医療開発学」寄付講座開講。(7/1)

※大阪大学大学院医学系研究科 精神医学教室 スタッフ紹介。(7/5update)
教授:池田 学(科長)
寄附講座教授:森 悦朗(行動神経学・神経精神医学)
寄附講座教授:森原 剛史(認知症プレシジョン医療開発学)
寄附講座講師:鈴木 麻希(行動神経学・神経精神医学)
寄附講座講師:永田 健一(認知症プレシジョン医療開発学)
寄附講座助教:・鈴木 由希子(行動神経学・神経精神医学) 長瀬 亜岐(行動神経学・神経精神医学) 松本 恵(行動神経学・神経精神医学)
特任研究員(言語聴覚士):渡辺 宏幸

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2010/12/30 (終値_338) ・(2010/10/15※最安値_163、2010/12/27最高値_437)
2011/12/30 (終値_318) ・(2011/_3/15※最安値_173、2011/_6/30最高値_420)
2012/12/28 (終値_522) ・(2012/_6/_6※最安値_238、2012/_9/_7最高値_742)
2013/12/30 (終値1079) ・(2013/_1/_4※最安値_513、2013/_5/_7最高値1525)
2014/_4/25 (終値_515) 売残高144800 買残高_4212800 ・(2014/_4/22最安値_464)※[成長回収期の入口]ステージへ
2015/_2/20 (終値_945) 売残高_56800 買残高_6123200 ・(2015/_3/16最安値_713)※Heptares [成功の序章ステージ]
2015/10/30 (終値1080) 売残高_45600 買残高_8871600 ・(2015/_9/24安値_888)※米国承認[次なる飛躍ステージへ]※[上抜け圏へ]
2016/_4/25 (終値5808) 売残高159200 買残高13619600 ・(2016_5/_9最高値6545)※Allergan[強気相場]
2016/_6/24 (終値3680) 売残高_42000 買残高_9944400 ・(2016/_6/24安値3240)※[強気相場解除]※[時間軸での調整局面へ]
2017/_3/31 (終値2720) 売残高_22400 買残高10487200 ・(2017/_4/_4安値2570)※[時間軸調整は順調に推移]※[振るい場・拾い場へ]
2017/_9/_8 (終値2175) 売残高__7600 買残高_8151200 ・(2017/_9/_6最安値2147)※[拾い場も順調に推移]
2018/_1/26 (終値3053) 売残高__3600 買残高_5716400 ・(1/22安値2740)※[振るいも順調に推移]

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2018/_3/_9 (終値2378) 売残高_42000 買残高_7177600 ・(3/_5安値2195)※[悪地合いにて再びの拾い場へ]
2018/_3/16 (終値2268) 売残高_54000 買残高_8079600 ・(3/16安値_2268)
2018/_3/23 (終値2148) 売残高_56400 買残高_8186000 ・(3/23安値_2145)
2018/_3/30 (終値2205) 売残高_57600 買残高_8112000 ・(3/26安値2080)
2018/_4/_6 (終値2203) 売残高_68000 買残高_7926000 ・(4/_3安値2138)
2018/_4/13 (終値1960) 売残高_61600 買残高_8320800 ・(4/13安値1943)
2018/_4/20 (終値1820) 売残高_60400 買残高_8460800 ・(4/20安値1815)
2018/_4/27 (終値1895) 売残高_70800 買残高_8453600 ・(4/23安値1803)
2018/_5/11 (終値1760) 売残高_84800 買残高_8396800 ・(5/11安値1665)※(5/11空売り価格規制トリガー抵触)
2018/_5/18 (終値1900) 売残高_78800 買残高_8188800 ・(5/14安値1745)
2018/_5/25 (終値1793) 売残高_78000 買残高_8364400 ・(5/25安値1780)
2018/_6/_1 (終値1838) 売残高_92000 買残高_8324000 ・(5/29安値1695)
2018/_6/_8 (終値1700) 売残高104800 買残高_8714800 ・(6/_7安値1618)※(6/_5空売り価格規制トリガー抵触)

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2018/_6/15 (終値1713) 売残高_92000 買残高_8482000 ・(6/11安値1703)
2018/_6/22 (終値1693) 売残高___400 買残高_8232800 ・(6/20安値1595)
2018/_6/29 (終値1784) 売残高_____0 買残高_7931600(-301200)※7/3up ・(6/26安値1663)
2018/_7/_2 (終値1584) 5日線乖離( _-8.21%) 25日線乖離(_ -8.20%) 75日線乖離(-16.96%) 200日線乖離(-32.20%) (安値1584)※(7/2空売り価格規制トリガー抵触)
2018/_7/_3 (終値1474) 5日線乖離( -11.92%) 25日線乖離( -14.00%) 75日線乖離(-22.25%) 200日線乖離(-36.81%) (安値1414)※(7/3空売り価格規制トリガー抵触)
2018/_7/_4 (終値1448) 5日線乖離(_ -9.76%) 25日線乖離( -14.91%) 75日線乖離(-23.10%) 200日線乖離(-37.82%) (安値1433)
2018/_7/_5 (終値1333) 5日線乖離( -12.57%) 25日線乖離( -20.75%) 75日線乖離(-28.74%) 200日線乖離(-42.66%) (最安値1304)※[年初来安]
2018/_7/_6 (終値1387) 5日線乖離(_ -4.03%) 25日線乖離( -16.65%) 75日線乖離(-25.41%) 200日線乖離(-40.23%) (安値1340)



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※第一三共 平成31年3月期第1四半期決算発表:(7/31)
※Pfizer Quarterly Corporate Performance - Second Quarter 2018: (7/31)
※MorphoSys Publication of Half-Year Report 2018: (8/1)
Results Events 7/6update:
※あすか製薬 平成31年3月期第1四半期決算発表:(8/6)
※SOSEI 2018年12月期第2四半期決算発表:(8/9)
※ペプチドリーム 平成30年6月期決試Z発表: (8/9)

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金男 売り増し


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ラクオリアの勝ち 一気に株価抜かれたw

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エーザイが ゴイスー。

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Heptares Events 7/6up:
※PCT (Partnerships in Clinical Trials) Europe: "Let's Get Clinical". Learn from the leaders. Connect with all the key stakeholders. Build your next partnership and watch the sparks fly: 27-29 November 2018, CCIB, Barcelona, Spain.
Early Clinical Development Sessions: 29 Nov, 15:00 - 15:20, Presentation: "Use of molecular and functional Imaging in early clinical development: From target engagement to proof of concept": Professor Pradeep Nathan
(Vice President, CNS Clinical Development and Experimental Medicine at Heptares Therapeutics, UK).
Functional imaging methods such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) have been widely used to gain greater understanding of brain circuitry abnormalities in CNS disorders and their underlying neurochemical basis.
It is also increasingly used in early clinical drug development as a biomarker to demonstrate target engagement and provide an early indication of efficacy on brain systems relevant to clinical outcome.
Studies that have used fMRI in early clinical development including studies conducted by the author on the development of a mu-opioid receptor antagonist GSK1521498 for disorders of compulsive consumption suggest that fMRI is a promising biomarker to demonstrate;
1) target engagement, 2) dose response effects and 3) differential or synergistic effects, on relevant brain circuitry.
There is also some evidence that early drug effects on brain activity can predict clinical efficacy, although more studies are needed to examine this across different outcome measures.
Together, these observations suggest that functional imaging methods like fMRI are sensitive biomarkers of abnormal regional or brain networks activity in CNS disorders and can add value in early clinical development to examine key drug discovery questions related to target engagement,
differential efficacy, dose response relationships and prediction of behavioural and clinical relevant changes.
However, in order for fMRI to be used as a decision making biomarker in drug development requires further validation and demonstration of its ability to predict clinically relevant drug effects across different outcome measures.
Prof. Pradeep Nathan is Vice President and Head, CNS Clinical Development and Experimental Medicine at Heptares Therapeutics Ltd.
He is also Professor of Neuroscience at Monash University and an affiliated lecturer at the University of Cambridge.
Pradeep trained as a pharmacologist and cognitive neuroscientist.
His research focusses on the understanding of the neural substrates of cognition and psychiatric and neurological endophenotypes using behavioural and imaging methods and applying these approaches to drug discovery through development of molecular
and functional biomarkers which might aid in the development of more refined and targeted treatment approaches for cognitive and emotional dysfunction in psychiatric and neurological disorders.
Pradeep has over 10 years of industry experience in the translational and clinical development of CNS compounds while working at GSK, UCB Pharma and Heptares Therapeutics.
He has also published over 200 peer reviewed papers which have been cited over 10,000 times.
His research has been recognised by a number of awards including the Australian tall poppy science award, the British Association of Psychopharmacology, clinical research award and the prestigious fellowship of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology.

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※ZUU online:そーせいグループ、経営体制の不透明が上値の重しに。東証マザーズ「週間出来高」ランキング。(7/9 15:30)
(1) そーせいグループ <4565> 1387円 1139万0500株

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※Answers News:医薬品業界 役員報酬1億円超えは47人…前年から10人増。(7/9)

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※Reuters:SOSEI 2019-2022業績予想コンセンサス。(5/11→5/20→5/24→6/19→6/20→6/28→6/29→7/3→7/4→7/5→7/6update)
・2018業績実績:売上高_6,955百万円、EBITDA _-1,263百万円、税引前利益-3,702百万円、当期利益-2,654百万円、EPS-37.5 (5/11, 6/28update)
・2019業績予想:売上高12,959百万円、EBITDA _2,537百万円、税引前利益_3,002百万円、当期利益_1,354百万円、EPS_5.54 (7/6update)
・2020業績予想:売上高14,643百万円、EBITDA _5,487百万円、税引前利益_4,511百万円、当期利益_3,000百万円、EPS-16.3 (7/5update)
・2021業績予想:売上高19,527百万円、EBITDA 11,000百万円、税引前利益_9,140百万円、当期利益_7,067百万円。EPS_98.9 (7/5update)
・2022業績予想:売上高17,020百万円、EBITDA _7,000百万円、税引前利益_6,300百万円、当期利益_5,250百万円。EPS_67.6 (6/28update)

※Reuters:SOSEI 2018業績予想コンセンサス(2019-2022: Deleted)。(7/9update)
・2018業績予想:売上高_8,767百万円、EBITDA _1,178百万円、税引前利益_1,925百万円、当期利益-1,818百万円、EPS-16.9 (7/9update)


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